Step 1.

Log in to Animo.Sys

Step 2.

Go to Self ServiceCourse Enlistment, then click Add Course to Enlist

Step 3.

Click the "Look Up Course", the icon of a magnifying glass

Step 4.

A Look Up pop-up window will show.
  • Subject Area textbox
    • Enter the Course Code's first 2 characters
  • Catalog Nbr textbox
    • Enter the Course Code's last 5 characters

Step 5.

From the shown Search Results, select the course to enlist in.

Step 6.

Click on the + button for additional courses and then repeat

Step 7.

When all courses are added, make sure to click Save
  • Remember to screenshot/screen record this page to show proof that you have pre-enlisted, together with the list of courses. The screenshot/screen recording should show the “Saved” icon on the top right of the screen.