Payment & Refunding


  1. Please use the Official Payment Channels of DLSU only when paying for your tuition fees. Tuition payments transacted using unofficial methods will not be credited by DLSU. You can read more about the university’s official payment channels at
  2. After paying for your fees, please take a photo of your proof of payment and wait for your transaction and official receipt (OR) to reflect in your MLS accounts under the “View Assessment” tab after ten (10) working days excluding weekends and holidays.
  3. If your payment has not yet been reflected in your MLS accounts or has not yet been issued an OR after 10 working days only, please fill out this form: and send your (1) proof of payment, (2) full name, and (3) full ID number to and cc:,, and
  4. Once you get your OR, please save a copy as it could be used to activate your MLS account in case you are denied access.
  5. You may contact the following email addresses for the following concerns. - for concerns relating to:

  • Unposted Payments
  • Requests for Official Receipts (ORs)
  • Tuition Balances
  • Payment Channels - for concerns relating to:

  • Refunds
  • Credit Memos (Scholars)
  • Clearances
  • Certifications

Payment Channels

Step 1.

Log in your account to MLS ( )

Step 2.

Go to VIew Assessment (with Online Payment) facility.

Step 3.

Select the Academic Year & Term then Submit.

Step 4.

Select Payment Option > Proceed to Online Payment > Click “Proceed” in the next page

Step 5.

You will be directed to Unionbank payment gateway. If online payment is successful, you will receive an email confirmation. You are encouraged to take a screenshot of your transaction approval. This screenshot can serve as proof of payment should you need to coordinate with the Accounting office in the future.