LOA & Returning


  • The term “Leave of Absence” (LOA) refers to an absence from the university. Students on LOA are not enrolled in any course, not considered bonafide students, and are not allowed to enter the campus except as occasional visitors to transact with certain offices.
  • Moreover, students on LOA are not permitted to enroll and study in another educational institution. No course taken by students on LOA from another school may be credited towards the completion of the program in this university.
  • Undergraduate students are assumed to enroll on a continuous basis until their program is completed. Any break in enrollment requires the filing of a Leave of Absence. An approved LOA is a permission from the university to temporarily interrupt studies. As a general rule, it carries with it an implied guarantee to accept the student as a returnee, subject to other policies of the university.

Step 1.

Accomplish and save in PDF format the LOA form: http://bit.ly/LOA_Form.

Step 2.

Submit the accomplished LOA Form and necessary document to Google Form: http://bit.ly/Undergraduate_LOA.

  • Medical certificates with a clear contact number of attending physicians [with email validation from HSO and OCCS (for mental health concerns)] is required.
  • Valid ID of the Declared Guardian
  • Supporting Documents (if applicable only)

Step 3.

OUR will coordinate with the Offices below for the endorsement of an application, student has to ensure that any clearance hold is settled before filing application.

Step 4.

Once endorsement by the above offices are complete, the LOA requests shall be for final review and decision by the OUR.

Step 5.

Once approved the student will be duly advised on the status of the request through email not later than 2 weeks after the submission of application.

  • Following the LOA policy, students may be on leave for a maximum of two (2) terms only. 
  • It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all necessary forms and documents must be submitted, thus, incomplete application will not be processed.