Check your Enlistment Schedule

  • Students are encouraged to check the schedule of their Enlistment days before the enlistment begins. Students who did not Pre-Enlist will be given least priority. Complete list of schedules will be posted on the DLSU USG page.
Through Animo.Sys:

Step 1.

Log in your account to ANIMO.SYS (https://animo.sys.dlsu.edu.ph)

Step 2.

On the right side of the page click SELF SERVICE > ENROLLMENT.

Step 3.


Step 4.

Under the Enrollment Appointments, you will see two different dates given. Your scheduled date is the earlier one. For those who did not Pre-Enlist, your Enlistment Schedule will take place a day after the Regular Enlistment Schedule.

NOTE: Students are still allowed to enlist and drop classes after their scheduled date but only for a limited period of time.