Dropping & Withdrawal

Manual Dropping

  • Student must have no pending clearance/s with other offices
  • Incomplete requirements will not be processed. Before submitting, make sure that you accomplished all necessary requirements needed for processing.

Step 1.

Accomplish and save in PDF format the APPLICATION FOR MANUAL DROPPING form here: http://bit.ly/Dropping_Form

Step 2.

In lieu of an actual signature on the form, the student has to secure the email endorsements/approvals (DLSU Gmail account) or electronic signature from the department/Adviser/College  or as indicated on the form in sequence. The needed email endorsements/approvals must be in one email thread for proper evaluation and documentation.

Step 3.

Fill-up the information needed in the https://bit.ly/Manual_Dropping_UG_GS and attached the following requirements needed:

  1. Manual Dropping Form (PDF) - from STEP 1
  2. Email Thread of Approval (PDF) - from STEP 2

Step 4.

Once cleared, students will be dropped and may start to download and print the updated EAF through MLS account after 4 working days.

Note: The following are NOT ALLOWED to drop online, and SHOULD DROP MANUALLY.
  • First-year undergraduate students (ID 121, ID120 - New and Transferee of AY 2020-2021, Term 3)
  • Upperclass undergraduate students whose total number of academic units enrolled will fall below 12 units (after dropping of courses)
  • Graduate student on their first term of enrollment
  • Graduate student dropping ENG501M or ENG502M