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Archer Assist Presents: The OCCS

A step-by-step guide to the OCCS

Brought to you by The Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs

What’s Inside

  1. Introduction
  2. Navigating the OCCS
    1. Getting started
    2. Homepage
    3. Appointment Guidelines
    4. Services Guidelines
    5. Other Services and Programs
I. Introduction

Archer Assist

  Archer Assist was a project established by the Office of the Vice President for Internal Space to ensure that DLSU community members are equipped with ample knowledge to properly navigate and maximize the online resources and on-campus facilities that the university offers. Among the materials organized by the Archer Assist team are these manuals which provide basic information on how to use various facilities and applications made accessible by DLSU. 


  The Office of Counseling and Career Services  (OCCS) is a service unit that provides resource and consultancy services in counseling and  career development, develops research-based counseling and career development programs,  and engages itself in meaningful and collaborative partnership with various stakeholders of the  University. The office, through its team of professional counselors and career services providers, delivers preventive and responsive programs and services which are designed to  complement the academic and formation programs of the university and contribute to the  holistic formation of the students. 

  OCCS values cultivating happiness among Lasallians. Thus, OCCS is committed to providing students a SAFE SPACE AND CONFIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENT - physically and virtually - for them to be heard and freely discuss their academic, career, personal, and mental health concerns. Through these programs and services, OCCS provides support and accompanies students as they transition to university life . 

  OCCS is composed of a team of licensed professional counselors who value and support student wellbeing and facilitate the acquisition of life skills for personal growth, employability and productive living. 

II. Navigating the OCCS
  1. Getting Started
  2. Homepage
    • In the homepage, click the About Us menu to see the overview of OCCS, the counselors and their contact details and the attached guidelines, which contains all the information that you need.

  3. OCCS Programs and Services
    1. Counseling Services

      Aimed at helping students formulate goals and potential solutions to problems, improve coping skills, facilitate behavior change, and promote optimal mental health.

      • Scheduling of online counseling or interview with a counselor
      • DLSU student who needs online counseling or interview
      Step 1: Email or text message
      • Student sends an email to occs@dlsu.edu.ph or text message to the following mobile numbers:

        Undergraduate Students0928-454-6489; 0905-221-6924
        Laguna Campus0951-773-1991
        Graduate Students0961-096-5358
        College of Law0998-443-7809
      • The OCCS Office Assistant and/or Counselor of the Day (COD) will direct the student to his/her Attending Counselor (AC)

      Step 2: Scheduling of Appointment
      • For urgent concerns, no need to schedule an appointment. The COD will immediately attend to the student.

      Step 3: Intake Interview Schedule
      • The AC will email details of the intake interview schedule to the student.


      How to prepare for an Online Counseling / Interview Appointment with your Counselor 

      [Before the Day of your Appointment]

      1. Check your DLSU email for your counselor’s counseling/interview appointment reminders.
        • Contains information of your online counseling/ interview schedule including the meeting link 
        • To access the meeting link, you may also check your appointment via your Google Calendar
      2. Accomplish the E-Forms 
        • If it is your first session, kindly ensure that you have answered the Intake Interview and Informed Consent Forms
      3. Designate a conducive and private location for your appointment 
        • A comfortable with less distraction setting at home is helpful and important for a smooth and uninterrupted Counseling / Interview session
      4. Check your Technology
        • Use suitable technology for the video session 
        • Consider that your counselor may utilize the screen sharing feature as they have to present to you the session materials
      5. Personal Preparations 
        • Think about what you want to discuss with your counselor.
      6. Rescheduling 
        • Should there be a need to reschedule, kindly notify your counselor 3 days before your appointment. 

          Note: Rescheduling is highly discouraged

      [On the day of your Appointment] 

      1. Get ready for your online counseling/interview session
        1. On the morning of your online session:
          • Double-check if your device is working properly and if your internet connection is stable 
          • Ensure that your camera and audio device are functioning or are installed properly in your computer 
      2. Secure your meeting session link 
        • Make sure that you have the correct meeting link. 
        • Use your DLSU email when logging into your counseling/ interview session. 
      3. Other Reminders 
        • Your full attention is expected in the counseling/interview
        • As much as possible close other windows/tabs on your device
        • You are encouraged to use pen and paper or any note-taking app in case there is important information that needs to be recorded 

      [Start your Appointment]

      • Get ready for your online counseling or interview session 
        • Be at the virtual room 3 minutes before your schedule 
        • Make sure that your camera is at about eye level to simulate an actual F2F conversation
        • Remember that the counseling/interview session is a safe space to talk about your problems and concerns
        • Make sure to ask if you have questions and to complete the counseling evaluation at the end of the session

    2. OCCS Accommodation Program

      Provides support to students with special needs, specifically those with mental health issues and this also gives clarity and significance to stakeholders on how to deal with them effectively. Further, in collaboration with the Lasallian Center for Inclusion, Diversity and Well-Being (LCIDWELL), learning sessions, training and workshops will be organized to assist the faculty and staff in providing appropriate accommodation strategies to these students.

      Accommodation Program Guidelines 

      Students with existing mental health conditions can avail the Accommodation Program of OCCS. This is to help give clarity and significance to stakeholders on how to deal with them effectively.

      1. Email OCCS
      2. Student or parent(s)/guardian sends an email to OCCS at occs@dlsu.edu.ph for accommodation requests with the attachment of appropriate documentation of condition.

      3. Setting of Appointment
      4. The accommodation counselor will set a meeting with the parent/guardian with or without the presence of the student to discuss the student’s concern.

      5. Accommodation is Provided
      6. Appropriate and necessary accommodation will be provided to the student to address the condition.

    3. Referral Services

      Any member of the academic community and family members can refer: students who manifest behavioral symptoms of personal, academic, career and mental health problems.

      1. What?
        • How to refer students to OCCS

      2. Who Can Refer?
        • Any member of the academic community and family members of the student

      3. Whom to Refer?
        • Students who manifest behavioral symptoms of personal, academic, career, and mental health-related problems

      Take Note:

      A student has the freedom to refuse a referral. The readiness of the client should always be considered. However, if his or her behavior endangers one’s well-being and those of others, it is the utmost responsibility of the referring person(s) to provide immediate help to the student by making the referral without necessarily getting his or her consent. 

      OCCS Office Hours: Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00 am - 12:00 nn and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

      Other Helpline Numbers to Contact in Case OCCS is Closed

      • National Center for Mental Health: (02) 1553 [PLDT Landline]; 0917-899-8727 [Globe]; 7989-8727 [Globe Landline]

    4. Student Affairs Services 1000 (SAS1000)

       The Student Affairs Services (SAS) 1000 is a specialized course for freshmen aimed at promoting positive mental health and efficient career planning through the conduct of personality testing, online modules, and individual interviews.

    5. Student Affairs Services 3000 or (SAS3000)

       SAS3000 is a pre-OJT required course aimed at providing career skills, competencies, and work values to prepare Lasallians for the transition from university life to their chosen career paths.

    6. Psychological Testing & Assessment

       Offer psychological testing and Assessment Services to provide your counselors with information they can use to design appropriate interventions for you.

    7. Crisis Management

       Involve immediate, responsive, and appropriate intervention for students who are experiencing emotional and mental distress due to critical life issues or events.

      • To provide a timely and skillful support to help the student cope with his/her situation before future physical or emotional deterioration occurs

      • DLSU Student experiencing a mental health crisis

      1. Whether the student is referred or has voluntarily sought help in OCCS, the counselor will immediately attend or contact the student in crisis 
      2. Counselor ensures the safety of the student and conducts an assessment of the risks and severity of the situation
      3. Counselor will involve the family or the legal guardian of the student to discuss safety and precautionary measures while the student is at home and for possible referral to external institutions or professionals who can also help the student 
      4. If there is a need for hospitalization, counselor endorses the student to Health Services Office (HSO)
      5. Depending on the risks and severity of the student’s condition, he/she or his/her parents will be requested to submit a certificate from a medical practitioner who can give recommendations on the student’s readiness to continue attending his/her classes. 
      6. Once deemed fit and ready to go back to school by the student’s attending physician, he/she will have his/her medical certificate validated by the HSO and submit to the OCCS. 
      7. Attending counselor conducts follow-up session/s to ensure continuity of interventions.
    8. Consultation Services

       Our consultation services are offered to students who may need the expertise of other mental health professionals.

    9. Information Services

       OCCS also brings relevant and updated information through various platforms to create greater awareness on topics such as mental health and wellness and to increase the help-seeking behavior of students.

    10. Career Development Program

       All throughout your college journey, our Career Development Program helps you gain the necessary competencies to make responsible career decisions and the essential skills for your transition from university life to your chosen career.

    11. Placement Services

       As you near the end of your student life in DLSU, our Placement Services connects you with industry partners to help jumpstart your career.

    12. Parent Support Services

       This is a service provided to parents to encourage active partnership between the home and the school environment and can promote holistic development among students.

    13. Exit Interview

       This is conducted to students who are graduating or withdrawing their enrolment. Future plans and the student’s degree of preparation are discussed.

  4. OCCS Telemental Health Services in AnimoSpace

    Includes mental health webinars, mental health literacy resources, information and resources for remote learning and mental health during COVID-19, tips for time management, tips for online learning, mindfulness information and resources.

      1. Log in to your AnimoSpace (Canvas) Account
      2. Go to Courses, then click on OCCS Telemental Health Services
      3. On the left side, click on Modules
  5. Endorsements
    1. Leave of Absence (LOA) Application
      1. What?
        • Request for Endorsement for Filing of Leave of Absence from School
      2. Who?
        • DLSU students who intend to file for LOA and need an endorsement from OCCS
      3. Why?
        • Required by Office of University Registrar (OUR)
      4. How?
        Step 1: Email OCCS
        • Student emails OCCS at occs@dlsu.edu.ph. OCCS staff will direct the student to his/her attending counselor.

        Step 2: Intake Interview Schedule
        • Student meets with the counselor for an intake interview session.
        • Note: Student submits a medical certificate to the counselor if the reason for filing an LOA concerns mental health.
        Step 3: LOA Endorsement is Provided
        • Counselor prepares and sends the LOA endorsement letter to the student and the College Associate Dean.
    2. Returnee Application
      1. What?
        • Request for endorsement upon return from a Leave of Absence (LOA)
      2. Who?
        • DLSU student who intends to return to school after an LOA
      3. Why?
        • Required by Office of University Registrar (OUR)
      4. How?
        Step 1: Email OCCS
        • Student emails OCCS at occs@dlsu.edu.ph. OCCS staff will direct the student to his/her attending counselor.

        Step 2: Intake Interview Schedule
        • Student meets with the counselor for an intake interview session.
        • Note: Student submits a medical certificate to the counselor if the reason for filing an LOA concerns mental health.
        Step 3: Returnee Endorsement is Provided
        • Counselor prepares and sends the Returnee endorsement letter to the Office of University Registrar (OUR)
    3. Excused Absence due to Problems Coping Mentally due to COVID Situation
      1. What?
        • Request for endorsement for excused absence due to problems coping mentally with the COVID situation
      2. Who?
        • DLSU students having problems coping mentally with the COVID situation
      3. Why?
        • Required by Office of University Registrar (OUR)
      4. How?
        Step 1: Email OCCS
        • Student sends an email to OCCS at occs@dlsu.edu.ph requesting an excused absence due to the COVID situation at least two (2) days before the intended day/s of absence.

        Step 2: Intake Interview Schedule
        • Student meets with the Attending Counselor for an intake interview.
        Step 3: Returnee Endorsement is Provided
        • Attending Counselor sends an email endorsement to the Associate Dean of the requesting student.
  6. Other Programs and Services
    1. Gearing up Learning On the Web / Gearing up Lasallians towards Optimal Well-Being (GLOW) Program aims to promote positive learning and continue to enhance the Lasallians’ ability to succeed in school, careers, and life by means of developmentally appropriate strategies and a variety of services for self-directed learning while promoting good mental health and well-being.
    2. Mindfulness is the awareness that emerges from paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and is said to be effective in reducing stress, improving mental well-being and changing the immune system. The Mindfulness program of OCCS aims to cultivate awareness and self-compassion among the students through learning sessions and online materials.
    3. The Mental Health Literacy program of OCCS aims to raise awareness on mental health among DLSU stakeholders through an interactive discussion about mental health facts, common mental disorders, first aid strategies, and evidence-based treatments and management strategies. Participants are also introduced to an action plan which can be used to attend to someone who is having a mental health crisis, including proper steps for referral to mental health professionals.
    4. The Revitalized Gearing up Lasallians for Academic Development (GLAD-R) Program (GLAD-R) aims to revitalize the existing GLAD Program and provide remedial, supportive and evidence-based interventions to students accumulating units of academic failures during and post-pandemic. It aims to reverse underachievement and lessen the attrition rate of students ineligible to enroll in the university. 
    5. Job Placement Program

      LS Links is a rebranded Symplicity Career Services Manager (Symplicity CSM) which is an end-to-end career services solution for employers, students/alumni, and career services staff. LSLinks is accessible at lslinks.dlsu.edu.ph.

      Job Expo is a bi-annual event that provides internship and employment opportunities through company talks and recruitment activities done virtually.

      Job Postings are provided to inform students for internship and job opportunities.

    6. Student Volunteers Program
      • Peer Facilitators Program
      • Student Representatives Program


Main Office:

Room 203, Br. Connon Bldg.,

De La Salle University

2401 Taft Avenue

1004 Manila, Philippines

Telephone: (02) 524-4611 loc 419

Direct line: (02) 536-0226

Satellite Office:

Room 1505A, Br. Andrew Gonzales Hall

De La Salle University

2401 Taft Avenue,

1004 Manila, Philippines

Telephone: 524-4611 local 389

Laguna Campus:

Room W402, Milagros H. del Rosario Building

Laguna Boulevard, LTI Spine Road, Barangays Biñan and Malamig,

Biñan City, Laguna

Telephone: (049) 554-8900 local 139

Career Office:

Room 304, Br. Connon Hall

De La Salle University

2041 Taft Avenue 1004 Manila

Telephone: 524-4611 local 416

Direct Line: 523-4286


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