Executive Board Offices

Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs

The Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs ensures the overall welfare of the Lasallian community. Centered at prioritizing student life, the office aims to provide pro-student initiatives, consultative student support, and enhanced student services. It is the utmost priority of the office to propose data-driven policies that would bring forth a conducive learning environment. By enhancing student services, we aim to expand student support through maximizing resources and prioritizing student wellbeing. All these initiatives with representation at the forefront as we cater to your everyday needs.

Organizational Chart

Departments and Committees

The Student Services & Welfare Department aims to aid students to be informed of the different processes of the university across all colleges. This is to ensure that the department would be able to provide support for students for an enhanced Lasallian experience regardless of any circumstances. With this, the department is divided into two divisions: (1) Student Services, and (2) Student Support. Both divisions are centered to cater and address specific concerns.

Student Services.

The Student Services committee aims to uphold inclusivity and responsiveness towards the student body. This is done by disseminating information and announcements in order to ensure that the students are well-informed about different academic and administrative concerns. This committee seeks to not only react to student concerns but also anticipate issues that may arise. Moreover, the committee aims to instill a positive experience for all Lasallians by providing a sense of urgency in all of its university-wide announcements.

Student Support.

The Student Support is centered to provide both Physical- Equipment Support and Mental-Emotional Support to the student body. This is to ensure that the welfare of each student is well taken care of through various projects/initiatives. This will also establish a safe space for students to raise concerns may it be academic or not. Lastly, this committee aims to equip students to have a maximized Lasallian experience despite the changes of the times.