Executive Board Offices

Office of the Vice President for External Affairs

The Office of the Vice President for External Affairs aspires to bridge students with various external and socio-civic opportunities. Driven by advocacies, we aim to enhance Lasallian potential towards nation building and responsible citizenship— providing initiatives that allow students to use their voices in helping the last, lost, and the least. As the representative of students when it comes to external affairs, the office also aims to uphold students' rights by uniting with other external organizations in fighting for their welfare.

Organizational Chart

Departments and Committees

The Community Development Department, under the Office of the Vice President for External Affairs, focuses on reinforcing Lasallians’ abilities to build on their advocacies and actively participate in ensuring proactive responses. As a department, we are committed to establishing and giving you sustainable, resilient, and empowering solutions.


The committee pushes students forward to engage in their personal advocacies through empowering, enlivening, and enriching them with constructive SDG-based projects. With the purpose of honing students into well-equipped Lasallian leaders, the Advocacies committee is in charge of coordinating with various offices and organizations necessary to impose projects and strengthen advocacies, as well as planning, organizing, and implementing these initiatives.

University Response.

University Response Committee aims to utilize external partnerships with institutions to ensure the Lasallians’ safety. A committee that will be the first to respond to the students’ needs in times of natural disasters, national emergency, or any situation that endangers the students’ welfare through constituency checks and policymaking.