Executive Board Offices

Office of the Executive Treasurer

The Office of the Executive Treasurer spearheads student care initiatives through financial assistance and transparency. In the pursuit to address the ongoing financial burden of students brought about by the pandemic, the office aims to continue diversifying its financial assistance programs and scholarships. Furthermore, accurate dissemination of information on student services and the active lobbying for student-centered policies will also be prioritized by the office to ensure efficient communication between the USG and the student body to promote its welfare. For the coming academic year, the Office of the Executive Treasurer aims to expand its reach and capabilities as an organization to consistently address the changing needs of the Lasallian community.

Organizational Chart

Departments and Committees

Corporate Relations.

The Corporate Relations committee is in charge of external and internal partnerships and sponsorships for the initiatives and projects of the Office. Additionally, this committee also creates projects that bridges the Office and the student body to external corporations, enterprises and the like. This committee ensures the thriving communication between the Office and different internal and external partners, especially in terms of project development, social engagement and mutual collaboration.

Financial Assistance.

The Financial Assistance committee spearheads the different financial grants and programs and ensures that this is continuously being provided to students of the University who are in need of financial support. Additionally, the committee is also in charge of conceptualizing and diversifying the financial assistance programs of the Office, in an effort to expand its reach in providing students with necessary financial aid.


The Scholarships committee primarily takes responsibility for executing the different scholarship programs of the USG. Similar to the Financial Assistance committee, the Scholarship committee also takes charge in diversifying the scholarship programs and initiatives for the academic year. Additionally, this committee also leads all scholar-related initiatives under the Office.

Tuition Fee Board and Policies.

The Tuition Fee Board and Policies committee leads all tuition fee-related research, surveys and proposals. The committee lobbies for sustainable termly fees for the students and creates policies and/or proposals regarding tuition fee processes, EAF transparency and the like. This committee also partakes in offering tuition fee assistance and clearance related concerns through different student service-centered projects.

Documentation and Logisitcs.

The Documentation and Logistics committee is responsible for handling, processing and monitoring all of the necessary paperwork for the execution of all the different activities of the Office and the rest of the University Student Government. This committee takes charge processing the pre and post activity requirements and other pertinent documents needed for project execution. Additionally, this committee is also tasked in coordinating with various departments for essential resources needed for project execution.


The Finance committee of the Office mainly manages the financial paperworks and documents needed for the execution of the projects and programs of all the student government units of the USG. This committee is in charge of leading the different finance committees of the USG Executive Board, College and Batch units and ensures full transparency and proper allocation of monetary funds needed.