Executive Board Offices

Office of the Executive Secretary

The Office of the Executive Secretary prioritizes Centralized Communication, Empowered Lasallian Leadership, Efficient Office Management, and Data-Driven Student Involvement. By going beyond operations and empowering Lasallian leaders of today, the office will be able to amplify networks among different sectors and establish innovative information dissemination systems for students to easily navigate through their university life. As Lasallians, embodying professionalism and transparency continues to be a top priority of the office by providing opportunities to train, equip, and enable our students to become future-ready leaders.

Organizational Chart

Departments and Committees

University Relations.

The University Relations committee spearheads all internal university relations and partnerships within the university. The committee is in charge of establishing alliances, as well as building relationships and networks across different sectors of the university.

External Linkages.

The External Linkages committee is in charge of all external partnerships for the Office of the Executive Secretary. This committee is the bridge from different external organizations to OSEC. External Linkages maintains a proper relationship with organizations outside of DLSU.