Executive Board Offices

Office of the President

The Office of the President stands at the forefront of genuine Lasallian leadership centered on proactive student welfare, purpose-driven student representation, and progressive student involvement. Guided by the vision of One With the Students, Together for the Nation, the office's initiatives span across improving your student life through programs catering to a safe and inclusive university — in providing avenues for unified Lasallian student sector involvement. For Academic Year 2021-2022, we lead a University Student Government that prioritizes you and your needs while fostering a Lasallian community that engages with the nation for our future.

Organizational Chart

Departments and Committees

The Operations Department, under the Office of the President, is tasked with ensuring a smooth flow of operations at all times when it comes to internal unit matters. The department handles the operations, finances, and welfare of the office and its members.


The Finance Committee oversees all finance-related processes in the Office of the President. Iåt prepares the necessary documents for the procurement of the necessary budget for the activities of the office. Moreover, the committee ensures transparency and proper allocation of funds for student-centered projects and programs.

Internal Relations.

The Internal Relations Committee takes charge of maintaining the dynamic and synergy between all officers of the Office of the President. It plans initiatives with the basic competencies of the USG in mind for all OPRES officers, ensuring a working environment conducive for holistic growth. The committee also handles partnerships between the office and organizations within DLSU.


The Documentations Committee monitors the documentation requirements of all activities, projects, and programs of the Office of the President. It is in charge of safekeeping necessary documents and paperwork to ensure transparent record-keeping.

Presidential Secretariat.

The Presidential Secretariat ensures that meetings are effectively organized and minuted while also maintaining records and retrieving relevant documentation. It is also in charge of the formal responsibility for secretarial tasks.