Special Advisory on Enrollment

In preparation for the deployment of “animo.sys”, the new student information system, which includes registration and enrollment, a familiarization tour in the form of a mock enrollment will be conducted from 10 to 16 April 2013, following the schedule below:

Undergraduate                           –           10 to 14 April 2013 (24 hours)

Graduate Studies                        –           14 to 16 April 2013 (24 hours)

Students are strongly encouraged to undergo the familiarization with the animo.sys to minimize adjustment to this new system during the actual online enrollment.

The Mock Enrollment may be accessed at https://animo.sys1.dlsu.edu.ph.

Fam Tour documented guides are available at http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/animo.sys.

Questions, comments and feedback regarding the animo.sys, with detailed description and screen shots, may be emailed to animo.sys@dlsu.edu.ph.

We remind the students that the mock enrollment transactions shall have no bearing on the student records and the actual enrollment. The data that will be used will be fictitious and dummy.

The schedule of the actual enrollment for AY 2013-14, Term 1, will be released no later than 30 April 2013.


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20 Responses to “Special Advisory on Enrollment”

  1. Alfred_Superdude_Jones says:

    Pati po ba transferee, recommended rin pong umattend?

  2. Just hoping this system wouldn’t crash like the previous! Looking forward to it!

  3. Chris Ona says:

    I can’t even log-in :|

  4. abc123 says:

    I’m stuck after “Class Search Criteria”

  5. Can’t log-in :( “All Attribute Values for all ID Types are required. (48,51)”

  6. Ian Jarvis says:

    Can’t login. I hope this would not happen in the actual enrollment.

  7. Windows 8 is unsupported.

  8. Hero Arante says:

    bat unsecure ung website? pano makapasok?

  9. Szachi Ducusin says:

    The website is unsecured, can’t login.

  10. xrixri says:

    don’t know why but the link leads to unsecured site and also the page shown is an “Oracle” site. what to do, what to do?

  11. efg456 says:

    I’d rather use mls lol

  12. Ji San Chung says:

    Not compatible with Windows8 OS – IE10 at all..

  13. ANIMOLASALLE!!!! says:

    I was able to logged in…. then I’m like… What to do next? The website brought me to oracle then there were no details. It’s completely blank. If you look at the side portion, there were no details about enrollemnt. It just brought me to mls. lol
    Then I tried opening this website using my dad’s laptop, and it says there “The site’s security certificate is not trusted!” WHAT TO DO? :)

  14. DLSUU says:

    Will there still be an advanced enrollment?

  15. Such a frustrating system! How can I search for my subjects if it can’t accept alpha numeric characters for the course codes?

  16. 1234 says:

    “Invalid Server Certificate
    You attempted to reach animo.sys1.dlsu.edu.ph, but the server presented an invalid certificate.”

    What do I do?

  17. Luigi says:


  18. 皇家赌场 says:

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